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Inno.Green® is a brand of hygiene solutions for professionals, manufactured by Inno.Clean. Inno.Clean is a French company based in Marseille and specialized in the manufacture of detergent powders and tablets intended for the hygiene of linen, dishes and cleaning and maintenance of surfaces in professional environments as well as its brands than third-party brands.
Designed in our integrated laboratory in Lyon, Inno.Green® formulations are both efficient, responsible and innovative and can meet all the requirements of professional and large-scale markets. public, always guaranteeing the use of safe, eco-responsible or eco-sourced raw materials, while meeting strict efficiency specifications:

• ECOLOGY: all products in the Inno.Green® range are Ecocert or Cosmos Natural certified, and we are implementing new ones as soon as possible. 'packaging' solutions favoring recycled or plant-based and renewable materials reinforcing our contribution to Environmental Protection

• SAFETY : concerned about the health of its users and consumers, Inno.Clean has excluded from all of its Inno.Green® formulations, controversial substances and additives and sensitizing or concerning materials.

• PERFORMANCE : we carry out all of our performance and comparative effectiveness tests internally by reproducing all the protocols put in place by the reference 'expert' laboratories to obtain an optimal level of performance with regard to efficiency issues required by professionals.

• DISINFECTION : Inno.Clean has developed a complete range of professional disinfectants based on materials of natural origin for the hygiene and maintenance of surfaces in professional environments. Active on bacteria, yeasts and enveloped viruses, Inno.Green® natural disinfectants offer optimal effectiveness for the hygiene of premises, surfaces and equipment. in a professional environment.

Dangerous product: respect the precautions for use. Use biocides carefully. Before use, read the label and product information.

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